Rico McDaniel: vocals, guitar, slide guitar

Jeremy Gorman: vocals, guitar, ukulele

Ian Luke: drums, loud clothing

Jim Peterson: vocals, Bass, t-Bone.

Robert Herzbrun:  percussion, cookies, odd noises


LATEST NEWS . . . . .

Our new album, Tso Much Stuff To Do,

was released early June, 2017 and is working its way through all the normal channels for worldwide distribution. It's available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon,CD Baby, et al.

Click on the MUSIC tab to hear the album


The Miwok and Pomo tribes of California used the word Tso-noma for the "Valley of the Moon,"  a region stretching between the  cities now known as Santa Rosa and Sonoma. Early Spanish settlers adapted the place name phonetically, using the more customary spelling, Sonoma. 


Bat Chicken